[webmap-discuss] ka-Map and OpenLayers - prototype/Dojo

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 17:12:27 EDT 2006

3 issues were brought up in this email, so I've broken it into 3 
responses (and kept to the webmap-discuss list).

Paul Spencer wrote:
> The choice of prototype (for ka-Map) is based on my own experience  
> using it.  I actually wanted to use Scriptaculous for an application  
> (MapGuide OS Web Studio) and Scriptaculous is built on top of  
> prototype.js.  I now have invested in learning it and am not really  
> going to consider switching since I don't find it lacks anything I need.
> OpenLayers is already using prototype.js - not sure what decision  
> process lead to that, maybe Schuyler or Chris can comment.  In any  
> case, it makes for a much easier migration from my point of view.
> If there are compelling reasons to use another framework, I'd be  
> interested in hearing about it.

I have not used prototype.  I've been watching Dojo for 6 months or so, 
but have not used it yet.  Dojo have addressed a number of AJAX issues 
like events, dynamic loading, OO programming, compression, etc, and they 
have a strong user community and good documentation.

However, I don't have my heart set on Dojo and I'm open to using another 
library if it meets requirements.

Cameron Shorter

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