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Thank you for your responses and insights.  I'll try to provide some more
context - we have recently completed a new development effort that builds on
open source software.  Specifically, the UI platform is built on Liferay
(http://www.liferay.com/) with PrimeFaces and jQuery, we're using the Open
Identity Stack for ICAM/IdAM
(http://forgerock.com/products/open-identity-stack/), Postgres for the DB,
and Apache CXF for REST/SOAP web service interfaces (in addition to
GeoNetwork's services).  The system is being transitioned to an operational
partner and has been funded by The Department of Homeland Security Science
and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T). 


There may be an opportunity to completely open source the system, which
would require some additional development to fully support the CS-W
interface.  Based upon the responses I've received so far (thanks again), it
seems like there may be some interest, but I think DHS S&T may need a
stronger expression of interest from OSGeo to move forward. If there's
interest, I could try to schedule a webex meeting to show the system.






Paul Breimyer, Ph.D.

Technical Staff, Surveillance Systems

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

(781) 981-0923 (work)

(781) 879-8675 (cell)

 <mailto:pbreimyer at ll.mit.edu> paul.breimyer at ll.mit.edu


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Hi Paul,


Similar situations have occurred before - The Bluenet MEST fork created an
alternative version of Geonetwork, with some extra capabilities to meet
specific needs. Development was kept (largely) consistent with trunk
Geonetwork, and was later merged back into Geonetwork trunk, IMHO, creating
a product with the best of both. 


The Bluenet MEST developers are still major contributors to Geonetwork
(Thanks Simon!).


Assuming Geonetwork does provide a useful foundation to build on to meet
your needs, I urge you so look for common ground & pool resources to improve
the existing tool. Only consider developing a new application if this first
approach is not viable.


I have also come across another situation which may be relevant. While
evaluating options for such catalogues, both Geonetwork & CKAN (both Open
Source) were considered. Geonetwork was found to have better
interoperability & harvesting capability, while CKAN had front-end
capabilities that were desirable. One possible solution that went a long way
to meeting requirements was to use both - Geonetwork as the
harvesting/aggregating tool for a CKAN based catalogue. I don't know if such
a combination would be suitable in your case, but figured it was worth


I also suggest you ask your question on the Geonetwork developers list
(https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/geonetwork-devel) if you have
not already done so.


OSGEO generally adopts already widely used tools rather than supporting new
developments, see the incubator page for information -
http://www.osgeo.org/incubator/index.html. I note that Jeroen Ticheler, the
original developer of Geonetwork is a member of the OSGEO incubation
committee, it may be worth discussing your situation directly with him. 




   Brent Wood


On 2/3/14, Breimyer, Paul - 0442 - MITLL <paul.breimyer at ll.mit.edu> wrote:
> My name is Paul Breimyer and I work for MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a
> government
> research lab (FFRDC).  We are building what is effectively a secure CS-W
> portal interface for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  I'm
> writing
> to see if OSGeo might be interested in the portal if it were open sourced
> appropriately.  As part of this work we reviewed GeoNetwork: the backend
> services were well implemented, but we found the portal to be lacking
> capabilities that were necessary (at least for our use cases).  There may
> be
> an opportunity to enhance the GeoNetwork portal to facilitate broader
> adoption of the CS-W  standard.  Please let me know if there's interest to
> learn more.
> Thanks,
> Paul
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