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Your question is good, and I only have a partial answer which extends on 
Jody's response.

I feel that while people are comfortable to openly disagree on technical 
concepts they feel very uncomfortable speaking ill of others on a 
personal level.

Organically grown Open Source communities naturally form a hierarchy 
around principles of Meritocracy and Do-ocracy. There is not need for 
voting for positions, people naturally assume a role based on what they 
are doing. Open Source communities are successful if they master 

The concept of voting for positions, as we do in elections, is a concept 
borrowed from command-and-control hierarchies, and I feel doesn't fit 
well with our Open Source ethos. I could expand, but I think I've 
written more than my quota on this email list for the moment.

Cheers, Cameron

On 15/10/17 12:54 pm, Jody Garnett wrote:
> I think Cameron described the reasoning, not wanting to disrupt 
> relationships. Cameron is probably in an awkward position, as if often 
> the case when people reach out privately, where he stuck determining 
> if people are asking him to speak for them or they simply want someone 
> to listen.
> OSGeo is an open and friendly community and we strive to have our 
> communication and decision making in a transparent manner (the same 
> standards we hold our project steering committees to during incubation).
> Nevertheless we have a number of private channels of communication in 
> our organization, for example during charter member nominations there 
> was an opportunity to contact the CRO privately if anyone was troubled 
> by a nomination. During incubation we make a mentor available for 
> private communication, as often there are legal questions to discuss. 
> The projects have a private list for security vulnerabilities. The 
> board also has a private email list which is useful for negotiating 
> partner relationships.
> With respect to the board elections I really appreciate Gert-Jan's 
> approach of asking candidates questions, it was illuminating, explored 
> some important issues and gave everyone a chance to respond.
> --
> Jody Garnett
> On 14 October 2017 at 15:14, Helmut Kudrnovsky <hellik at web.de 
> <mailto:hellik at web.de>> wrote:
>     Cameron Shorter:
>     >I've had a number of people reach out to me privately, related to the
>     >upcoming OSGeo Board elections.
>     Cameron, any idea why a number of people aren't
>     articulating/communicating by themselves here on
>     the OSGeo discuss ML related to the upcoming OSGeo Board elections?
>     OSGeo, as I understand it, is an open and friendly community and
>     every discussion input is welcome.
>     kind regards
>     Helmut
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