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hey Martin

The concern of feeling ‘being made responsible’ for another’s child is
worth addressing. As I wrote that part of the document, I saw no different
from looking after adults in the same situation; but then I am also a
parent - and have the imprimatur of parenthood to fall on (this can be
important! some parents will respond differently if they see a parent vs
non-parent interacting with their children)

However - I can see that others (especially without kids; or with different
views of what parenting is about) may have different ideas. A short
clarification is really all that is required; which Cameron has addressed.

We realised at no point in the document had we explicitly stated that
parents are responsible for their children; and we don’t expect other
conference-goers to assume that responsibility. I think this is the whole
crux of the concern.

So yes - we want to be the community we want to see!  We also want to
encourage everyone along on the ride ( historically as we all know, I’m
terrible at that! ) - which means we need to find ways to be more clear
about some things without being overly proscriptive.

I think it’ll be great; and work well - as long as we can get clear and
open communication along all the way. And a bit of patience and tolerance
from all parties.



On Mon, 10 Sep 2018 at 09:40, Martin Tomko <tomkom at unimelb.edu.au> wrote:

> I have to say I am puzzled why this is a contentious issue.
> "• Assist. If you see a child looking lost or distressed, get down to
> their level and ask them how you can help. Find a conference volunteer to
> hand over to."
> I believe this is standard, humane, and compassionate behaviour. I fear a
> society where an adult would not assist a child in distress. This is
> verbatim what it says (IFF you see a child LOST or DISTRESSED).
> One that would be expected from anyone anywhere, on the street or at a
> conference. It does not relieve parents from responsibility, just assures
> we do not have minors walking around lost ( which can happen).
> Let's think what kind of world we want, and then start by making this true
> for our conference first.
> Martin
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>     • Assist. If you see a child looking lost or distressed, get down to
> their level and ask them how you can help. Find a conference volunteer to
> hand over to.
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