[GeoNode-devel] Changes in "my_geonode" Cannot be Reflected

Ran L. kula009 at gmail.com
Wed May 1 17:09:30 PDT 2019

Dear all geonode developers,

I'm trying to use the geonode-project to customize geonode. I've been
closely following developers workshop at: http://geonode.org/dev-workshop/#/

 I installed and ran the original geonode using  commands provided in
http://geonode.org/dev-workshop/#/2/4 . I also successfully created a
geonode project "my_geonode" by following instructions stated in
http://geonode.org/dev-workshop/#/3/2  .

After that, I ran the command :

*DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=my_geonode.local_settings paver start*

And got a success message of *"*
*GeoNode is now available"*.

I think the original geonode and my_geonode project were working
collaboratively at the point.

So I went to my_geonode/my_geonode/templates/ to modify the
site_index.html. The workshop says after the change is being made, we
should be able to see it right after refreshing the page. However, I still
see the default geonode main page at localhost:8000 with no change applied.

Could you let me know what I've missed? Any change made should be reflected
immediately right? I've double checked the workshop many times and made
sure I didn't miss anything. I think I was pretty close to what I expected,
just need some enlightenment.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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