[GeoNode-devel] GNIP-64 Status and Plan

Tobias Schulmann tobias at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Nov 19 20:12:31 PST 2019

As mentioned on github we have a few developers coming up to speed with
GeoNode and picking tasks from the spreadsheet on 

Apologies for the amount of questions to follow, but wanting to make
sure we're not crossing over with anyone else working on the issue

* Is the plan still to land dependency updates into master before
jumping to Python 3? Does the project prefer Merge Requests under issue
#4276, or should we create github issues for each task?
* Travis mentioned on a previous thread the plan from there is to brute
force the 2to3 script and fix any issues from there? Are we all going
to do this separately or have it on a central branch?
* Can we get project write access to the project for a few folks after
they signed the contributor's agreement? What's the best way to
organise this?


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