[GeoNode-users] Problem with GeoServer

Ana Boljevic ana.boljevic at cedis.me
Wed Aug 16 02:41:19 PDT 2017

Dear Jonathan,

Thank You for quick answer!

We have already tried with ‘sudo service tomcat7 restart’, and when we do so, it takes time to start working or we have to do this several times.

We have checked logs in /usr/share/geoserver/data/logs and here is what we have https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvs2yl8coxrlnux/geoserver.log%20-%20Copy.1?dl=0 (on path  /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/geoserver/data/logs we can't find anything). We don't know when it died but around 7:30 am this morning we know it was crashed. Around 9 am everything started working normally again without even a restart, just by itself, and we don't know when it will die again (we are trying to find out what is the cause - we are uploading kml files and attribute names have correct form). If you can check these logs and give as any hint, idea or help, we would be thankful.

Our version of Geonode is 2.6.1

Thanks in advance,

Ana Boljević

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Subject: RE: Problem with GeoServer

Hi Ana

This probably means Geoserver has died and you need to restart it with ‘sudo service tomcat7 restart’.

As to the cause, you should check the geoserver logs for ERRORs that occured shortly before or at the time of death. On our system these logs are in /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/geoserver/data/logs.

I’ve found (on Geonode 2.4) that uploading a shapefile with errors can kill Geoserver. E.g. a shapefile with attribute names that do not start with a letter or contain characters other than letters, digits and underscore. Sad but true.

Good luck!


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Subject: [GeoNode-users] Problem with GeoServer

Dear Sir,

We have recently installed GeoNode on Ubuntu 16.04 Server (installation was standard deployment, not development mode). Everything is working fine except one problem: from time to time we can't see layers (only pink tiles - image1 in attachment), and when that happends we can't access to GeoServer admin page through web browser (error 404 - image2 in attachment).
We have no idea why is this happening. Any hint or help would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Ana Boljević

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