[GeoNode-users] Docker installation of Geonode

Zizi Jama mazizi.jama at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 01:09:55 PST 2017

Dear List,

I would like to separate the geonode database that stores the configuration
data and spatial data. I have not been able to do this with the
docker-compose.yml file.

According to the documentation -

the following databases are created during installation with user geonode:
geonode (this stores geonode configuration data)
geonode_data (posting is enabled here)

I used the following steps:

# build the docker container
docker-compose build

# run the docker container
docker-compose up

# turn it off
docker-compose down

# create database
make sync

This then creates a single database  - postgres (and the geonode
configuration data is then installed on this database).

The two databases named  are not created and I do not know which setting
must I change to enable this.

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