[GeoNode-users] Customizing Geonode (Installed via apt-get) from Geonode-project Dev (Installed via Python Virtualenv)

Dave Kennewell davekennewell at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 08:24:53 PDT 2018

Hi Julierme,

The missing maps and users suggests to me that geonode is now using a
different database. If it is still working, but just with no maps or users,
my guess is:

Prior to configuring geonode.conf, you would have been using the default
postgresql database that is installed with geonode via apt-get. This is
likely where your 6 maps & 2 users currently reside.

After configuring geonode.conf, you will likely be using
your_geonode_project.wsgi.py, which will point to
your_geonode_project.settings. This settings file will override the default
postgresql database with whatever you have in there (either in
your_geonode_project.settings or local_settings.py)

The next steps to "fix" this depends on which database you want to use

Does this sound right or do you think it is something else?


On 18 April 2018 at 19:13, juliermeopensourcedeveloper [via OSGeo.org] <
ml+s1560n5361932h7 at n6.nabble.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I just finished configuring *geonode.conf* in order to customize Geonode
> main layout (installed via apt-get) based on changes made through
> Geonode-Project Dev layout (installed via Python Virtualenv). Before
> configuring *geonode.conf*, I had 6 Maps and 2 users in my Geonode and
> after applying Geonode-Project Dev layout by changing *geonode.conf*, I
> faced the following problems:
> 1 - The 6 Maps and 2 Users I had in Geonode are gone;
> 2 - I am unable to log in even with Geonode default credentials;
> Could someone tell me why I am facing these problems and figure out one
> way to fix them?
> Thank you very much for your time and patience in advance.
> Best Regards
> Julierme
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