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Matheus Ximenes Matheus.ximenes2016 at outlook.com
Thu Oct 24 07:46:54 PDT 2019

Good afternoon,

I come through this, asking for help installing GeoNode, there are conflicting concepts in my head and I was wondering if you could help me. I have great questions about the connection that exists between GeoNode Core, Project GeoNode and SPCGeoNode is it necessary to perform all installations? Does one depend on the other? I was following the installation of GeoNode Core, but right now:

 Install and enable HTTPS secured connection through the Let's Encrypt provider

I encountered serious problems with these let's encrypt certificates, after this step the application would already be running publicly? If so, is it recommended, as adjustments are still missing?

Any questions answered will be of great help.

see you later

 Matheus Ximenes
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