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Hi Matheus,

GeoNode Core, Project GeoNode and SPCGeoNode area alternative

Geonode Core is the "standard geonode" is good to start and install it in a
test environment
Geonode Project is good if you need to add customized app on topo on Geonode
SPC Geonode... still Idon't know exactly whati it means but is a different
edition for production environments... i haven't enough knowledge to deal
with it.

I think that https is recommended and the simplest way is to use
letesencrypt.. at the end the server will only be reachable trough
https://prefix, and certbot should configure nginx to redirect http:// to

Which kind of problems have you encountered with let's encrypt? Maybe your
server is not reachable from the internet?


Il giorno gio 24 ott 2019 alle ore 16:46 Matheus Ximenes <
Matheus.ximenes2016 at outlook.com> ha scritto:

> Good afternoon,
> I come through this, asking for help installing GeoNode, there are
> conflicting concepts in my head and I was wondering if you could help me. I
> have great questions about the connection that exists between GeoNode Core,
> Project GeoNode and SPCGeoNode is it necessary to perform all
> installations? Does one depend on the other? I was following the
> installation of GeoNode Core, but right now:
>  Install and enable HTTPS secured connection through the Let's Encrypt
> provider
> I encountered serious problems with these let's encrypt certificates,
> after this step the application would already be running publicly? If so,
> is it recommended, as adjustments are still missing?
> Any questions answered will be of great help.
> see you later
>  Matheus Ximenes
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