[GeoNode-users] Geonode installation: Tomcat version

Matthieu Schneider matthieu.schneider at gulfsat.mg
Tue Oct 13 01:49:54 PDT 2020

Le 13/10/2020 à 11:38, Davide Marchi a écrit :
> I've try, Tomcat 9 DEB, and Open Java environment "11.x" and all was
> working fine, but when you must secure the environment everything
> collapses.
> My dispassionate advice is that if you have a lot of time to spend and
> you like to play trying, otherwise give up immediately!!

Hello Davide,

Thanks for the advice, if important steps are missing, it will be
difficult, obviously... I will try (because I'm in the config file
currently), but I keep in mind your advice and probably will change my
mind after.

Best regards,
Matthieu Schneider

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