[GeoNode-users] Integrating Other Django Modules

Alexandria Shreffler aleshreffler at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 07:51:21 PST 2021

Hello all!

I am reaching out to everyone for advice on building additional features
into my own personal GeoNode project. I am a little intimidated by Django
because it is new to me, but I was really hoping the process of integrating
other Django modules (like Django Channels
<https://channels.readthedocs.io/en/latest/> or Django-survey-and-report
<https://pypi.org/project/django-survey-and-report/> for example) to
provide access to "extra stuff." Is this even as simple as I am imagining
it to be? Any advice or links to reading material on this subject would be
appreciated. Maybe I am approaching this from the totally wrong angle, so
guidance will not offend me!

Also, I know that GeoShape <http://geoshape.org/> uses MapLoom
<https://www.maploom.com/> for interactive geoprocessing. I am interested
to know more about how they managed to do this, but I had a hard time
finding the right people to contact regarding those details. If anyone has
any insight there as well, I would appreciate it.

Finally, if there is any suggested way to develop "feature assignment," I
would love to hear it. Here is a basic workflow that I am imagining and
trying to develop: one user chooses a feature in a map layer and "assigns"
it to a user where they would then complete a survey-format which updates
the attributes of the assigned feature in both layers. Thoughts?

A little bit of background to why I am doing this... I am completing a
project that is investigating the usefulness of GeoNode as a collaborative
mapping platform and reviewing the possible ways to "extend" current
features to include more interactivity and streamlined workflows (specific
to a particular company that I am prototype-developing for).

I installed GeoNode fresh onto a virtual machine using PyCharm with these
<https://github.com/gannebamm/geonode-workshop/tree/main/00_getStarted> and
found it to be much better than the previous method following the
documentation. Thank you to everyone that helped make that available!


*Alexandria Shreffler*
Geospatial Analyst, Venango County Regional Planning Commission
Pursuing Master's in GIS, Pennsylvania State University
B.S. Psychology & Environmental Studies, Allegheny College

*Phone: (814) 758-4187 or (814) 670-0897*
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