[GRASS5] updates to gism2

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Wed Feb 1 23:11:04 EST 2006

d.text.freetype works for me.  GRASS 6.1 CVS 2005/12/10 snapshot +  
this new gism2, Mac OS X 10.4.4, all my own builds (ie my Graphics  
Libs and GIS Libs and GRASS) - I don't use Lorenzo's binaries.  And I  
build for 10.4 separately from 10.3 (that is, GCC 4 Tiger/GCC 3.3  

But I didn't rebuild GRASS to use TclTk Aqua, it's still using a Unix  
TclTk build.  Maybe that would make a difference?

This is my first look at gism2, I've been meaning to look at it.   
Cool.  One thing that would be nice, maybe it's been discussed - draw  
layers in the canvas one at a time.  Especially on a large map with  
many layers, it would be good to see map drawing progress, and not  
just a progress bar.  It might be done with a transparent PNG for  
each new layer, combined with the previous composite?  That would  
open the possibility of interrupting the redraw as well (also nice  
for a large/complex map).

On Feb 1, 2006, at 6:55 PM, Michael Barton wrote:

> I posted to my web site and Markus helped me commit to the cvs a  
> set of updates to the GIS Manager 2 GUI that addresses some of the  
> issues that popped up over the last couple days.
> I noticed that I cannot produce text overlays on my Mac using  
> d.text or d.text.freetype. I’d like to know if this is the same  
> under other OS’s also. d.label does work, however.
> d.text.freetype has not worked on the Mac since the upgrade to  
> OSX10.4, but d.text did work. So I need to know if this is a Mac  
> issue or everyone has the same lack of text under the new TclTk  
> canvas displays. If the latter, I can add a TclTk text module that  
> will do essentially the same thing as d.text.freetype and should  
> work on all systems.
> Michael

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