[GRASS-dev] Creating location from values stp problem

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Sat Oct 21 07:47:10 EDT 2006


concerning the State Plane (STP) problem, here the error message:


Please specify projection name
Enter 'list' for the list of available projections
Hit RETURN to cancel request
ERROR: Projection stp is not specified in the table

Using a debugger, I found that (the new)
is analyzed by get_proj_parms() in lib/proj.c. Since STP
isn't listed there, it fails with

        if (!proj_parms)
            G_fatal_error("Projection %s is not specified in the table", proj_out);

The parameters to query for STP are
- geodetic datum (e.g. nad27)
- State FIPS
- County FIPS for selected state
- State Plane 1927 or 1983
- units (US survey Foot, Int. Foot, meter)

I don't know how to add that in $GISBASE/etc/proj-parms.table
nor if and why STP disappeared from GRASS 6.2/6.3.
The code seems to be in general/g.setproj/get_stp.c .
It seems that it just exits too early in general/g.setproj/main.c .


On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 02:05:23PM -0400, Helena Mitasova wrote:
> Here is another problem that we have found for starting a new  
> location and it applies
> to g.setproj and the creation of new location from projection values:
> > when I enter stp (State Plane) for projection it gives an ERROR  
> >that says that stp is
> >not specified in the table (although it is listed and it used to  
> >work and in lib/gis/projections it is defined.)
> Was this removed? It used to ask for datum and FIPS codes. It is one  
> of the most common projections
> in US so it would be good to put it back. It works in GRASS61 from  
> february
> Thanks Helena
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