[GRASS-user] Keeping GRASS/OTB/... algorithm in qgis processing

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Mon Feb 5 03:40:05 PST 2018

Dear GRASS GIS community,

herewith I may bring a discussion on QGIS dev ML about how to proceed with
maintaining GRASS, OTB and other algorithms in qgis processing to your


it seems that a shared attempt may be needed for a long-term, sustainable

citing here my post in that thread:

>Otherwise if we don't care and just want to enable others to have QGIS
>intgration, they'll have to adopt the plugins.  That might work better if
>is real interest.  But I think they usally prefer their tools to be used in
>their own environment and don't care that much about whether it works in
<or not.  Is there solid interest of the SAGA or GRASS team to adopt the
>providers?  Otherwise I guess they'll sooner or later will die. 

quickly screened the GRASS MLs, I can't find any entry that the GRASS
community was ever asked if there could be e.g. a shared attempt for an
automatization to create/maintain the plugin code.

Looking at the new OSGeo website:

*Desktop Applications*

-QGIS Desktop

*Geospatial Libraries*

-Orfeo ToolBox

*Meta CRS Initiative*


Most of the software mentioned in this thread are projects under the common
umbrella of OSGeo.

An option may be to ask that OSGeo plays a more proactive role in helping to
coordinate and supporting (technically/financally/...) such inter-project

I will forward a short summary of this thread to the GRASS community.

contributions of ideas/support/technical solutions/... are very welcome.

best regards
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