[MOSS-archives] MOSS heritage project: next steps

Peter Löwe peter.loewe at gmx.de
Wed Jul 7 01:21:02 PDT 2021

Hello incubator list, (cc: MOSS mailing list)

to proceed with the incubation of the heritage project MOSS, the following steps are necessary:

1) Setup of a new OSGeo repo http://github.com/osgeo/moss
2) Transfer of the contents of the transient repo https://github.com/ploewe/MOSS into http://github.com/osgeo/moss
3) Publishing of a release of http://github.com/osgeo/moss in the Zenodo open access repository (so a DOI can be used for citation and due credit).

I tried to contact Jody offlist  for the details, but I'm not sure if my messages were received.

It would be awesome if http://github.com/osgeo/moss could be set up possibly before the end of the week, as there's an opportunity to include the news in an upcoming geoinformatics book publication (with a hard deadline on July 15).


<peter.loewe at gmx.de>

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