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John Bryant johnwbryant at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 20:57:50 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I'd like to kick off a discussion around membership of OSGeo Oceania, and
how we elect directors to the board. We don't need to rush, but should move
with purpose, so we can complete our mandate, and an incoming board of
directors can begin with a solid foundation. Let's aim to get through as
much of this as we can in the next couple of weeks, to have time to make
arrangements ahead of the conference rush.

For background, in our Terms of Reference
we agreed to get this done in 2019:

   - *determine a process for recruiting and managing an appropriate
   general membership*
   - *determine a process for renewal of board membership, including
   accountability to the general membership, and clarify such items as term
   limits and staggering of terms*

I think these are the key questions we need to answer:

   1. *Membership*: We need to recruit a membership who will vote on a
   board of directors, and maintain a register of these members. How do we do
   it? What are the rights & obligations of members? Do we charge a small
   annual fee?
   2. *Elections*: When will these be held? How do we run them? Do we
   appoint a CRO?

Regarding timing, I would see us holding our AGM at the conference, but
holding elections in the weeks following. I previously thought it might
make sense to have the elections at the AGM, but on reflection I realise
that would exclude people who aren't attending the conference from
participating, and we should be looking to the wider community.

We have some financial support from OSGeo for seeking professional
advice/assistance, so let's consider what questions we need answered by the
pros. We may need to look at updating our constitution and our Terms of


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