[postgis-users] Who is using PostGIS and how?

Rob Hranac robhranac at vfny.org
Tue Mar 26 09:03:05 PST 2002


A note from one of my users who is, by definition, one of your users.
You should probably contact them (I will send you an email offline) to
ask for permission to use this anecdote, though:
As I mentioned, the GeoServer code is now working on our site and we are
considering to make use of it in our three year EU project called
GiMoDig (see. http://gimodig.fgi.fi). The project involves NMAs from
Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany and the final aim is to provide
real-time access to national topographic databases from a mobile
terminal. The first step, in which we intend to use GeoServer, is to
establish a working distributed platform of individual WFS nodes to test
the intended system architecture of the project.

Also, PostGIS was used in the OWS1 demo by us, via GeoServer, although
whether or not this counts as a 'real' application is probably up for
debate.  It will also likely be used in OWS1.2, if I can muster up the
time/energy/patience to participate.  Since we are even further on the
lunatic fringe of open source OpenGIS, it is up to you whether or not
you want to name us as a credible user!  :)  There is a nascent demo
portal here (http://www.ogcnetwork.org/ows1demo/ows-portal.htm.), but
none of our data is currently showcased, as far as I know.

Best Regards,
Rob Hranac

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