[postgis-users] Who is using PostGIS and how?

David Graham dgraham at i3.com
Wed Mar 27 09:49:12 PST 2002

Here at i-cubed we are using PostGIS in a variety of applications.

There is a PostGIS database that sits at the hart of our Automated 
Raster Order and Delivery (AROD) system.  This system processes raster 
imagery from our many seamless mosaic data sets for the US (TM, 3m DEM, 
Topo maps - 250K, 100K and 24K, and DOQQ).  It is capabable of cutting 
area of interest, reprojecting, tiling it, and outputing it in a large 
verity of formats.  It runs on our office computers on off hours as a 
background service with each computer querying the database for the next 
unit of work to be processed.  This way we maximize our CPU time and 
image processing licences.

There is a PostGIS database in our 'Mapster' Business to Business web 
maping service.  This is bascially a map order and accounting system 
coupled with UMN MapServer technolgy.  The PostGIS is used to manage 
information about data requests and downloads of our seamless mosaic 
procducts of the US.

We have built several one time only processing streams for various 
clients that use PostGIS as the database to manage the data flow.  Since 
we typically work with 100's of gigs to terabytes of raster data, it is 
very handy to have a database that can keep track of the extents of each 
image.  That allow us to query base on geographic area and determine 
what has or has not been processed yet.

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