[postgis-users] Who is using PostGIS and how?

Nicolas Ribot nicolas.ribot at scot.cnes.fr
Wed Mar 27 09:59:05 PST 2002


We (at SCOT, france) have decided to use Postgis to store our geographic
information and display it on the internet with MapServer.

We currently have 2 real-world applications using it:

* E-Cite (something like e-city in english :) ):

A web application to display city information (roads, buildings info,
cadastre info, limits, rivers, etc...).
Data are stored, managed, and retrieved by PostGis.
A web interface allow the site administrator to control the application (for
instance to change the color of a layer, to rename a layer, to make it
visible, etc.)

You can see it (in french, we could translate text...) on:

* CropVision:
A web application allowing farmers to follow their crops (yield, water
needs, fertilizers needs, etc.). This application is based on satellite
images and plant growth models. Each user can digitalize its fields directly
on internet, in a Java Applet. These geographic objects are stored in
Postgis, along with the spatial extension of raster data (map backgrounds,
satellite images).
Thanx to relationnal operators, we can crop in big raster images only the
interesting parts (fields).

This application is password-protected, but a guest account will maybe be
created in the future to allow demos.

In fact, we tend to create all our geographic applications with postgis,
plugged with Java/Javascript components used to create and manage these
It works fine.

We are looking forward to the spatial operators (union, intersections,
etc...) to extend the power of postgis.


Paul Ramsey wrote:

> Wow, no responses at all the first time!
> OK, there are over 160 of you, someone must be using PostGIS for a real
> application. :) I really do want to hear, since I'll be talking to a
> room full of people whose first reaction will be "what kind of lunatic
> would entrust their business to a product built by people in their spare
> time". I want to be able to say "well, *this* kind of lunatic!"... I
> would also be interested to hear your reasons for selecting PostGIS over
> one of the commercial alternatives.
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