[postgis-users] Who is using PostGIS and how?

Angus Carr acarr at geospatial.on.ca
Wed Mar 27 11:11:40 PST 2002

We're looking at using it for posting this that and the other maps for
review by our clients. We do stuff with satellite imagery, primarily for
forestry, and some of them seem to think that the aerial photos are
orthographically better than a LandSat scene.

I want to set up a system where we put up our shapefiles and a raster, and
let them browse through the product at a review stage, before it goes on a
CD, and they receive it.

The plan is to use mapserver and postgis.

Another idea we have toyed with is the display of the data from the national
de-mining survey we are doing in Cambodia. Putting it on the web would be
controversial, so it may be internal only, unfortunately.

Angus Carr.

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> Wow, no responses at all the first time!
> OK, there are over 160 of you, someone must be using PostGIS for a real
> application. :) I really do want to hear, since I'll be talking to a
> room full of people whose first reaction will be "what kind of lunatic
> would entrust their business to a product built by people in their spare
> time". I want to be able to say "well, *this* kind of lunatic!"... I
> would also be interested to hear your reasons for selecting PostGIS over
> one of the commercial alternatives.
> I'll go first:
> For example, Refractions is using PostGIS to store and manage a very
> large and highly relational road network database. The use of a RDBMS
> allows us to create different output "snapshots" of the data for
> different users of the road network, since each user has very different
> data standards. A new view of the data is just a new SQL query away.
> Once the data is in a RDBMS, other things become suddenly much easier:
> we have prototyped a geocoder which uses the backend database to convert
> addresses to coordinate information, and used the Mapserver/PostGIS
> connector to visualize the results.
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