[postgis-users] PostgreSQL/PostGIS Microsoft Windows Users Qu estion

Christoph Spoerri spoerri at duke.edu
Fri Aug 29 09:25:46 PDT 2003

I actually started this week looking into creating a OleDB provider. ESRI 
actually provides C++ code for a sample provider which uses a personal 
Geodatabase (they use the ArcObject model as database access method) as 

After looking at the code and documentation, I believe a read-only provider 
shouldn't be to hard to code. A read-write provider is a different story and 
would need more research/effort.

Yet one has to be aware that this will be only a provider for simple features. 
There won't be any access to fancy geodatabase models, etc. For this type of 
support some serious development work would be needed, requiring money and 

As for where I stand with my development efforts: I just started. I'm 
currently trying to install the postgres libraries on my windows machine. 
Once this is done I'll start working on the provider. Since I'm doing this 
(mostly) during my free time, it may take a few weeks till I have a first 
version that does something and can be used for testing. And as always, any 
help is appreciated and welcomed.


On Friday 29 August 2003 11:57 am, Paul Ramsey wrote:
> If there are enough people interested, I can put together a project plan
> for the "ultimate PostGIS / ArcMap connector" which would allow full
> read-write directly in the database. It involves the complete
> implementation of an OleDB provider for PostgreSQL however, so it would
> be fairly involved. I don't know if enough people have budget to support
> this kind of thing (it is almost a truism, if you already have ArcMap,
> you are not interested in PostGIS, although there are of course numerous
> exceptions to prove the rule :) We have done some small group projects
> in the past, where a set of PostGIS users pool funds to push a development.
> Paul
> Lowther, David W wrote:
> > Darren,
> >
> > I just downloaded pgarc the other day and was going to play with it
> > some, but got lost in other things. I am VERY interested in helping with
> > this project - either by giving you input into future developments or by
> > actual coding where applicable. I do a good bit of VB, but have
> > heretofore been intimidated by the ArcGIS object model. I think that
> > going through your code will help me with that.
> >
> > Our "ideal" would be an extension to ArcMap to would allow use to view /
> > edit / analyze postgis data directly from the database. I am familiar
> > with creating temp shapefiles, and that is workable, but less than
> > ideal. I dont know how pgarc is currently doing all of this.
> >
> > Do you have more specific questions? We are involved with GIS at the
> > local, state, and federal level. We do redistricting, custom mapping,
> > oil and gas data management, parcel mapping, just about all of it.
> >
> > And - we developed a "Poor Man's SDE" based on the OGIS Simple Feature
> > Specs in Access / SQL Server that we pulled data from and wrote data to
> > arcview with avenue / vb. Thats why I am familiar with the idea of temp
> > shapefiles. Its just alot of management...
> >
> > David Lowther
> > Software Engineer
> > GEO Information Systems
> > University of Oklahoma
> > dlowther at ou.edu
> > (405) 325-3131
> > http://www.geo.ou.edu <http://www.geo.ou.edu/>
> >
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> >
> >     Hello all.
> >
> >     I am involved with an open source project called PgArc located at
> >     http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgarc/ . The purpose of the project
> >     is to allow  ESRIs ArcMap (v8.x) product to access Open Source
> >     Postgresql/PostGIS spatial data tables. To help out this effort, I
> >     would like to ask this question;
> >
> >     All Microsoft Windows GIS users using PostgreSQL/PostGIS, will you
> >     e-mail me some information about how you use PostgreSQL/PostGIS? If
> >     we can get some information on Windows usage, it will help us steer
> >     our project in the right direction.
> >
> >     Thank you for any response,
> >
> >     Darren H.

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