[postgis-users] PostGis to ArcCatalog

Clay, Bruce bclay at ball.com
Tue Jun 7 05:24:07 PDT 2005

I am in the process of building a geo-spatial database using PostgreSql 
8.0.3 with PostGis.  While I seem to be able to build the database ok, I
don't seem to be able to use it with ArcGis once I have built it.

I tried to use the PgOleDb interface.  This interface does connect 
ArcCatalog to the database and let me see generic tables it would not
show any of the PostGis (POINT / POLYGON) data.

I am trying to pin down the source of the problem but since there are so
many layers (PostgreSql, PostGis, PgOleDb, ArcCatalog), I don't know
where to begin.  I have communicated with Shamchar (maintainer of 
PgOleDb) but he did not know of a fix for the problem.

Does anyone know of any way to use PostGis data with ArcCatalog or
The solution really needs to be an Open Source / free one to meet
project requirements.


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