[postgis-users] AddGeometryColumn failing in SQL Script

Arnaud Lesauvage arnaud.listes at codata.eu
Thu Jul 1 05:37:06 PDT 2010

Le 1/07/2010 14:23, Steve Davies a écrit :
> I've been having lots of problems with AddGeometryColumn function not
> working, firstly it wouldn't recognise the correct number of parameters,
> I got around this by putting in all the optional parameters and
> prefixing the function with public. However now it doesn't recognise the
> geometry data type - however if I run the same command in psql its fine
> - any ideas?

My first guess, knowing that adding the 'public' schema name in front of 
the function partially solved the problem, is that you changed your 
search path and didi not include the public schema in it.

So I would first check that the public schema is part of the 
search_path, and if not add it (at the end of you search_path).

Arnaud Lesauvage

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