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The hardest thing is (as Steve said) it seems more of a higher level
application thing. PostGIS could leverage a datamodel to separate vertexes,
boundaries, areas, etc and even map what is common for each geometry, but I
think it would be really hard to enforce such dynamic events (editing

PostGIS could do error verification according to some rules too, but I feel
that this really needs to be at app level.


On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 10:43 AM, Stephen Woodbridge <woodbri at swoodbridge.com
> wrote:

> strk wrote:
>> Hello post-GIS users!
>> I was wondering how many of you guys (if any) ever
>> tried or even currently makes use of the topology
>> model provided with PostGIS in the topology/ directory.
>> It's been there since 2005 (times of postgis-1.1.x, geos-2.1,
>> postgresql-7.3).
>> For the record: it has been broken for some time as PostGIS
>> changed function signatures and PostgreSQL switched a couple
>> of major versions, but works again in trunk.
>> So, did anyone try it ?
> Yes, a few years back, but it did not seem to support the use cases I was
> looking at. Use cases:
> 1. working with polygon coverages to maintain boundary coherence during
> edits
> 2. simplify adjacent polygons without leaving gaps between them.
> 3. editing road networks and maintaining coherence of joined segments and
> intersections
> While these are more high level application ideas and I guess at the lowest
> level you could build a topology that would support any of these, where did
> not seem to be support for any higher level functions that would help
> support implementing these ideas.
> Its been too many cycle since I tried it and my memory is not that clear on
> this any more, but that is what I remember. That said, I think it is very
> cool and would like to see more movement on it, but never found any funding
> possibilities because it seemed like it needed a lot to mature it as a
> product.
> Thanks for the fixes to trunk.
> -Steve W
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