[postgis-users] WKT raster installation on mac

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Wed Jul 7 14:49:38 PDT 2010

The 'libpq' that it's not finding is lib/libpq.dylib, not include/libpq (which is a folder).  So, the libdir option (or lack of) should be OK.

I find that sometimes other unrelated things affect configure detection.  In the wktraster source folder you should have a config.log, look there for more details on why it failed to find libpq.

(No problems here configuring wktraster on OS X with my own Postgres and Postgis binaries.)

On Jul 7, 2010, at 11:08 AM, Shaun Langley wrote:

> I'm still getting stuck with this installation.  I specified the libdir, but note that libpq is not in this directory.  The path for libpq is "/Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/include" which is distinct from the other code libraries in "/Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/lib"  I'm copying the directory contents so you can clearly see what's included in each.
> configure: error: could not find libpq
> user-d0c71a:wktraster-0.1.6d langleys$ cd ../include/
> user-d0c71a:include langleys$ ls
> ecpg_config.h		pg_config.h		pgtypes_numeric.h
> ecpg_informix.h		pg_config_i386.h	pgtypes_timestamp.h
> ecpgerrno.h		pg_config_manual.h	postgres_ext.h
> ecpglib.h		pg_config_os.h		postgresql
> ecpgtype.h		pg_config_ppc.h		sql3types.h
> libpq			pgtypes_date.h		sqlca.h
> libpq-events.h		pgtypes_error.h
> libpq-fe.h		pgtypes_interval.h
> user-d0c71a:include langleys$ 
> user-d0c71a:include langleys$ cd ../lib
> user-d0c71a:lib langleys$ ls
> libecpg.6.1.dylib		libpq.dylib
> libecpg.6.dylib			libproj.0.5.5.dylib
> libecpg.a			libproj.0.dylib
> libecpg.dylib			libproj.dylib
> libecpg_compat.3.1.dylib	libuuid.16.dylib
> libecpg_compat.3.dylib		libuuid.a
> libecpg_compat.a		libuuid.dylib
> libecpg_compat.dylib		libuuid.la
> libgeos-3.2.0.dylib		libxml2.2.7.1.dylib
> libgeos.dylib			libxml2.2.dylib
> libgeos_c.1.6.0.dylib		libxml2.a
> libgeos_c.1.dylib		libxml2.dylib
> libgeos_c.dylib			libxml2.la
> libpgport.a			libxslt.1.1.23.dylib
> libpgtypes.3.1.dylib		libxslt.1.dylib
> libpgtypes.3.dylib		libxslt.a
> libpgtypes.a			libxslt.dylib
> libpgtypes.dylib		libxslt.la
> libpq.5.2.dylib			postgis-1.4.so
> libpq.5.dylib			postgresql
> libpq.a
> user-d0c71a:lib langleys$ 
> on the first line, you can clearly see that no matter which path I select for "libdir" the configure script cannot find "libpq".  Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Shaun
> On Jul 6, 2010, at 5:51 AM, Jorge Arévalo wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 6:15 PM, Shaun Langley <shaunlangley at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> it returns /Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/lib
>>> what's the option syntax to add the lib directory during configuration?  can I specify something like
>>> --with-libdir='/Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/lib'
>> The option should be --libdir='/Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/lib'. Give it a try
>> Best regards,
>> Jorge

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