[postgis-users] QGIS SPIT import to POSTGIS -

rac88 rac88 at hawaii.edu
Fri Jul 9 15:23:26 PDT 2010

I'm trying to use QGIS SPIT to load multiple shapefiles into PostGIS. But,
for all users but my superuser, I can't see the non-public schemas.

It sounds permission based but when I sign in as the user via PGAdmin or via
psql I can access and view the schemas.

The schemas were created within the postgis database so they should have the
postgis extension - to confirm this I created a new schema from the public
folder in the postgis database but this was not viewable either.

I've included the schemas in the postgres.conf search_path also. And,
geometry columns are in the public.geometry_column table.

Line 478 of qgsspit.cpp is the only SQL reference to the namespace I can see
(QString schemaSql = "select nspname from pg_namespace where
has_schema_privilege(nspname, 'CREATE')";) and this works from both PGAdmin
and psql. I also copied the function to the specific database and schema to
determine if it was simply not finding the function but this didn't work

Yes I can revert back to shp2pgsql but I like the multiple files option of
SPIT - otherwise, can someone assist with some vb script or batch file to
run shp2pgsql on files within a folder.

Am I missing something else in the POSTGIS environment that may be
restricting this user's ability?


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