[postgis-users] WKT raster installation on Mac Snow Leopard

Shaun Langley shaunlangley at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 07:45:33 PDT 2010

I want to put my vote in for a MacOS package.  I spent several weeks
trying to correctly identify the paths without success.  From what I
can tell, the problem is not having a lot of the dependencies through
various dev packages.  When I finally got around to getting it
compiled in Ubuntu, I spent quite a while installing "other" things to
get all the dependencies satisfied.  But at least I was prompted
during the config stage as to what the necessary steps were.  If you
can also get the packaged to interface with the enterprisedb version
of postgres (vastly different paths from the Kyngchaos one) you'll
open the project up to a whole suite of others!  You may even get some
publicity/support from enterprisedb themselves.

Shaun Langley
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On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 9:14 AM, Javier de la Torre
<jatorre at vizzuality.com> wrote:
> Thanks William!
>>> I have tried downloading the same version of PostGIS code that I have installed via Kyngchaos and use it to compile WKT raster. I had to copy config.sub and config.guess because it was complaining and then I ran:
>> Odd.  The included config.sub/guess work for me.
> That was on WKT raster not postgis.
>> ... hmm, it seems there is some interest in WKTraster on OS X... maybe it's time for a new package...
> That would be awesome!! Right now I am evaluating possibilities but later if we include it in a development will be nice to have a binary to let developers install everything easily. I volunteer myself to take care of it, but your website is the reference for downloading postgis binaries for mac os x! So ideally should be there.
> Javier.
> www.vizzuality.com
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