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Raoul Ross RRoss at continentalmapping.com
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From what I am seeing from other vendors, a License File is created using the server’s hardware in the creation process. From your response, I gather that the PostGIS/PostGRE software doesn’t require that. I will just reinstall from scratch then.


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You can use DNS to alias new machine names, so they appear to users as the old ones, or, you can simply transfer the old names to the new instances. Your "consultant" should have answered all of these questions, though. I strongly recommend you and management revisit the issue with them, and if you can't get the answers you need, get a new consutlatnt. Quickly.

With the exception of the PostGIS-related immediate issue, your question is a little scary. It focuses on what I consider basic system administration skills, and should be something your sys admin knows cold. If (s)he has an opinion, respect it. If you've already lost them in the consultant process, you could be in trouble.


On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 4:50 PM, Raoul Ross <RRoss at continentalmapping.com<mailto:RRoss at continentalmapping.com>> wrote:
Hello, my name is Raoul Ross and I’ve taken over for Eric VanHandel as the IT Manager here at Continental Mapping Consultants.

Through a vendor/Consultant we are moving off the very old servers here to Virtual Servers. The question came up, ‘can we just copy it all over, using the same machine name, IP address and NIC MAC Address?’ So I’m asking… will it work? If not, how do I do this? Will I need to re-install everything?

Don’t know where else to start… Thanx for your time!
-Raoul Ross

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