[QGIS-Developer] Exploring the new node tool: questions and bugs(?)

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 01:56:04 PDT 2017

Hi Harrissou

On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 3:59 PM, DelazJ <delazj at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using the new digitizing system to do a work and despite my trials, I
> fail to find how to do some things and have some questions:
> - Is the node editor panel gone forever? Or is it hidden, in which case how
> can I enable it?

It is not gone forever, it is just hidden by default. While node tool
is active, you can right-click to get a small menu to open the node
editor. It is done this way because we have eliminated the concept of
having active feature that was limiting edits only to one feature of
the current layer. I am open to suggestions on how to invoke node
editor panel if the current approach is too "hidden".

> - Trying to add a vertex on a existing segment, I double-click the segment
> at the place I'd like the new vertex but nothing seems to happen. And when I
> move the mouse, there is also a (new) vertex being moved. I fail to simply
> add the vertex without moving it (it adds it and catches it, I presume). Am
> I doing something wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong - this is currently not supported.
The assumption was that if you are creating a new vertex, you will
want to immediately place it somewhere as well. It would not be
difficult to add support for a keyboard modifier (shift/ctrl) which
would keep the new vertex at the original line segment. Just
wondering, what is the use case to keep the vertex in the original

> - Click and drag  helps to select many vertices from different features. But
> when I I have some features selected, I think one would expect to have only
> vertices of the selected features. Otherwise, selecting vertex on a common
> boundary becomes a pain, because you neve know which feature has its vertex
> selected.

Hmm this is a good point, however at the same time I would not want
the default behavior to consider only selected features - it could
easily create confusion with users thinking that node tool does not
work while it considers only selected features (which may be somewhere
off screen). Maybe a toggle "only use selected features" somewhere
could help.

> Are there issues/features request I should report in Redmine? Anyone to help
> me find the right ways to do my edits, please?

Sure - feel free to add feature requests for the bits above.


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