[QGIS-Developer] Exploring the new node tool: questions and bugs(?)

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 18:42:43 PDT 2017

On 8 June 2017 at 18:56, Martin Dobias <wonder.sk at gmail.com> wrote:

>> - Click and drag  helps to select many vertices from different features. But
>> when I I have some features selected, I think one would expect to have only
>> vertices of the selected features. Otherwise, selecting vertex on a common
>> boundary becomes a pain, because you neve know which feature has its vertex
>> selected.
> Hmm this is a good point, however at the same time I would not want
> the default behavior to consider only selected features - it could
> easily create confusion with users thinking that node tool does not
> work while it considers only selected features (which may be somewhere
> off screen). Maybe a toggle "only use selected features" somewhere
> could help.

Instead of a toggle, could we use some logic like:

- no selection: edit all clicked features
- selection, but no selected features exist where clicked: edit all
clicked features
- selection, where selected features exist where clicked: edit ONLY
these selected features

This way the "only edit selected features" behavior will only kick in
when a selection is in the area being edited. It should avoid the
annoying behavior where a selected feature on the other side of the
map becomes the editing target (move tool should probably use this
approach too!).


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