[QGIS-Developer] 2.18.9 - big thanks to Jürgen for the quick release!

Chris Crook ccrook at linz.govt.nz
Sat May 27 22:20:50 PDT 2017

Absolutely want to second this comment.  This level of commitment is what makes QGIS great, and an invaluable tools for me in my work

Thankyou Jürgen

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Subject: [QGIS-Developer] 2.18.9 - big thanks to Jürgen for the quick release!

I'd really like to publicly extend my thanks to Jürgen for this prompt
release of 2.18.9, and for the work he's put in to quickly backport
fixes and squash critical bugs leading up to this.

This makes the second point release in a row where Jürgen has been
required to push out rapid follow up releases, through no fault of his

Jürgen -- without your hard work as release manager and all the hours
you put in to packaging QGIS releases there's no way we'd have
achieved the success we enjoy today. Many many thanks for all the work
you've put in over the years in this thankless task!

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