[QGIS-Developer] connecting to QgsNetworkAccessManagers signals

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Sat Jan 19 11:46:16 PST 2019

On 1/19/19 5:22 PM, Alessandro Pasotti wrote:
> Nice plugin though!
> Try this: https://termbin.com/3y60

Hi Alessandro,


Works flawlessly!

Now you see all WMS/WFS/WMTS/WCS/Locator/version.txt/plugins.xml/plugins
itself etc etc http requests that QGIS fires to the servers! Much easier
to copy the url to your browser and test it. Eg in case a
getLegendRequest of a WMS is failing, or you see no data from a server
No More Black Boxes ( NMBB :-) )

Two idea's that I hope somebody has an idea for:

-1- now the plugin creates html-links in the Log Messages Panel, and
they are rendered as links, but you cannot CLICK them and open them in a
browser. I was hoping to be able to test the links by just clicking on
them. Anybody a clue?

-2- it would be nice if you can 'lock' a tab in the Log Messages panels,
so if you are looking at one tab, others will not pop up in front of the
(in your view) most interesting tab...

Anyway, Thanks Alessandro! I'll do a Pull Request ASAP.


Richard Duivenvoorde

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