[QGIS-Developer] connecting to QgsNetworkAccessManagers signals

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 16:38:52 PST 2019

On Sun, 20 Jan 2019 at 05:46, Richard Duivenvoorde <rdmailings at duif.net> wrote:
> On 1/19/19 5:22 PM, Alessandro Pasotti wrote:
> > Nice plugin though!
> >
> > Try this: https://termbin.com/3y60
> Hi Alessandro,
> THANKS !!!!
> Works flawlessly!
> Now you see all WMS/WFS/WMTS/WCS/Locator/version.txt/plugins.xml/plugins
> itself etc etc http requests that QGIS fires to the servers! Much easier
> to copy the url to your browser and test it. Eg in case a
> getLegendRequest of a WMS is failing, or you see no data from a server
> request.
> No More Black Boxes ( NMBB :-) )

Agreed - this should make debugging a lot simpler.

> Two idea's that I hope somebody has an idea for:
> -1- now the plugin creates html-links in the Log Messages Panel, and
> they are rendered as links, but you cannot CLICK them and open them in a
> browser. I was hoping to be able to test the links by just clicking on
> them. Anybody a clue?


Although -- I wonder if the log panel isn't the most appropriate here.
Maybe time to resurrect some of Nathan's ideas for a "dev mode"
switch, which opens a new set of chrome-style dev tools panels showing
stuff like this.

Could also integrate
https://gist.github.com/nyalldawson/6168df740d01ce667fdcf12ef946084d -
which is ripped from Martin's First Aid plugin and adds a dock showing
python local variables.


> -2- it would be nice if you can 'lock' a tab in the Log Messages panels,
> so if you are looking at one tab, others will not pop up in front of the
> (in your view) most interesting tab...
> Anyway, Thanks Alessandro! I'll do a Pull Request ASAP.
> Regards,
> Richard Duivenvoorde
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