[QGIS-Developer] Locator search results - double click vs. single click

Denis Rouzaud denis.rouzaud at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 01:34:06 PDT 2019

Hi Andreas,

The locator widget result is a tree view. Results are triggered when the
item is activated.
>From Qt doc [0], activation depends on the platform (single vs double

We could change this to use clicked (actually clicked+entered) instead.

I don't know why it was built like this at first, let's wait for Nyall's


[0] https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qabstractitemview.html#activated

Le mar. 15 oct. 2019 à 09:22, Andreas Neumann <a.neumann at carto.net> a
écrit :

> Hi,
> We just had a Locator plugin developed for our organization. During beta
> testing it, my users asked why they have to "double-click" instead of
> "single-click" on a search result in order to get the chosen search result.
> For now I said them that QGIS core does it like this and that Plugins
> cannot or should not change this behaviour.
> But why is QGIS core using double click instead of single click? I guess
> there might be a reason ... Could you please fill me in about the reason?
> Thanks,
> Andreas
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