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Jorge Gustavo Rocha jgr at di.uminho.pt
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Hi Jeff,

On 31-10-2017 12:39, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> On 2017-10-30 7:08 PM, Jachym Cepicky wrote:
>> I move to approve the FOSS4G-Europe proposal as presented here and
>> kindly ask the team to organise FOSS4G-Europe 2018 for us.
>> And here goes my +1
> my vote: +1
> Dear Jorge and the 2018 team,
> Thanks for your great proposal.  Here are some comments:
> - excellent that you also included a financial budget.  I noticed that
> you have a line item for renting 12 computer workstations for workshops:
> is your plan to leverage the existing workstations at the University of
> Minho for all workshops?  Or, what is your plan for the 12 machines?

We don't know if we should provide computers from some workshops or just
the room and each one brings his own computer. Can we decide right now
that there are no computers available or it is better to have computers
for people travelling without laptops? What do you think?

We will try to use the available computer labs from the university, but
we don't know yet if they will charge us for that. There are not much
computer labs at the university any more, because students prefers to
bring their own computers. Basically we added this item for computer
rentals if we need an extra room with computers, but we hope that will
not be necessary.

> - I hope you can also begin to draft a logo for the event, that includes
> the FOSS4G ribbon of course :) But I know you already have great
> experience with that, through the SASIG event
> (http://osgeopt.pt/sasig2017/images/logo.png)

You give me a very good idea (I need feedback from my co-chairs Maria
and Pedro, to see if they agree, and from Joana Simões - our marketing
chair). We can create a design logo contest to offer free entrance for
the winner. It will help to spread the word and to let someone come
without paying the fee.

> Thanks for sharing your passion.  Your team and plan looks great.

Thanks Jeff!

> -jeff
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