[postgis-users] itemnquery limitation

Zamil Murji Zamil.Murji at divestco.com
Fri Aug 8 10:45:02 PDT 2003

I fixed the query for larger datasets as per the last email. No need to pg_dump the table. 

It is definetely in the processing of the data that something goes wonky.


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Zamil Murji wrote:
> WHAT?? That can't be good. What do you think I did wrong. For a smaller subset of the data (ie. a select that that worked) this is what I got:

No - thats not good.

> Exactly what I expected to get back...What have i done wrong? The query seems to fail on larger record sets. What can I do to trace this error?

Its difficult to debug this.  But if you pg_dump your table and send it 
to me I can run it here and fix the problem.


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