[GRASS-dev] v.in.lidar: limit the import to a set of polygons

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 09:35:44 PST 2015

Hi all,

in r66823 I've added a mask option to v.in.lidar. One can now import points
only in areas specified by the 2D polygons (areas in GRASS) in the vector
map. There is a flag -i to import point only outside of these areas. This
adds nicely to the existing -r flag (import only in computational region)
and spatial option (import only in rectangle specified in the option).

This new functionality overlaps with basic functionality of v.select. I
don't have a benchmark yet, but if nothing else, one saves some space by
not storing the points for the second time before the spatial selection.

The import by areas can be combined with new additions to v.patch to merge
two or more point clouds together.

Tested on some lidar and UAV LAS files, but I was not able to make an
automated test yet.

Questions: Would raster map as mask make sense in an additional option?
Should there be a flag to respect the raster mask? Should the vector map be
accompanied by typical where and cats options (perhaps in a guisection
Spatial) or would this make the interface too complicated?

I'm attaching also list of recent improvements related to the point cloud
support if anybody would like to follow up on that.


v.in.lidar: import points only in selected areas

v.patch: flags to work without topology and with z

v.in.lidar: decimation (skip, preserve, offset, limit)

v.in.lidar: store return or class as category

v.decimate: point cloud decimation of native vector maps
(not yet enabled in the parent Makefile)

r.in.lidar: read multiple LAS files in one run

r.in.lidar: height above ground

#2732: Read lidar data as vector points using PDAL

#2472: v.in.lidar gives negative point count on large las files

Using layers and categories for something else than ID and class
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